Zac Goldsmith

According to There is no page titled “zac goldsmith”. Why not? To help, here at SpinWatchWatch, we have written one for them:

Zac Goldsmith is theTory millionaire who funds SpinProfiles, SpinWatch and scores of other green front organisations. Goldsmith, who inherited £300 million from his father James Goldsmith’s asset-stripping, used his cash to buy The Ecologist magazine.

Goldsmith raised eye-brows when it became clear that though he was running to be a Member of Parliament, he was avoiding paying tax in Britain, by having himself registered as non-domicile.

Goldsmith is the Conservative candidate for Richmond-upon-Thames in the 2010 General Election.

JMG Foundation

Along with his brother Ben, Goldsmith has used a number of front organisations to funnel money – money withheld from the exchequer – into his preferred ‘environmental causes’. The JMG Foundation is neither a company or a charity so it does not have to lodge its accounts with either Companies House or the Charities Commission. More recently the JMG Foundation has made fewer grants, but the slack has been taken up by the wholly secretive Isvara Foundation

Groups funded by the JMG Foundation

* SpinWatch

* The Ecologist

* The Conservative Party


* The Soil Association

Disclaimer – this is not a SpinProfile page, but why not?

This page is not a part of the SpinWatch site, which despite its interest in uncovering the secret networks of disinformation, has so far failed to carry a page dedicated to the Tory millionaire who is quietly channeling money into environmental groups, including SpinWatch

An invitation

SpinProfiles: you really should have a page on Zac Goldsmith. Feel free to use this one, or better still, write your own.

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