SpinWatch is supposed to be dedicated to exposing Spin and Public Relations. So it is not surprising that there are 19 pages given over to the Security Industry.

Harder to understand, though, is that there are 45 pages given over to a ‘Revolutionary Left Group’ called the ‘LM Network’.

Why are there a scores of pages for the members and projects of this Marxist organisation of the 1990s?

The answer is that SpinWatch editor David Miller was in a rival Marxist group active in the 1990s, that clashed with Living Marxism over different interpretations of Marxist doctrine.

Professor Miller has not forgotten his resentment at the disagreements over such hot-button issues for revolutionaries as ideology and imperialism.

His fixation with the sectarian disputes of yesteryear have meant that the website that is supposed to be tackling the lobby industry is mostly dedicated to settling old scores on the Marxist left.

More on Miller’s hidden political motives to come.

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