Spot the difference

Having given way to our demands for a Zac Goldsmith page, SpinWatch has put the best possible spin on its millionaire Tory backer.

Here’s the original, bare but informative page put up at 2.30 pm on 29 April, and here is Claire Robinson’s feverish re-edit just an hour later.

What is the difference?

* Robinson adds in Zac Goldsmith’s justification for being a Tory that paints his Conservative candidacy as part and parcel of SpinWatch’s anti-corporate project: ‘he chose to back the Tories because Labour had become “the party of big business”‘

* Robinson tacks on a five paragraph quote from Goldsmith trying to explain away his non-domicile tax status

* Robinson talks up Goldsmith’s green credentials (and after all, that is what he has been paying her to do for years)

Here’s a story from the Brighton-based green activists’ paper Schnews that has not made it into the Goldsmith page, however:

It seems that when he was running the Ecologist, he used Holloway’s convict labour to put those irritating inserts into the magazine!

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