Claire Robinson’s week

Every day, SpinProfiles editor Claire Robinson takes some time out from work to edit pages of the site on her PC.

You can see how Claire Robinson, SpinProfiles editor spends her time here

Stop press: Robinson now posting under the name ‘S Ross’, here 

add. that turned out not to be true, S Ross is Simon Ross

The alarming thing is that Robinson spends most of her week editing pages about the Revolutionary Communist Party, a Trotskyist group that closed down in 1996. Robinson is obsessed with what the ex-RCPers have got up to since, tracking down their different campaigns and activities, which she lumps together under the heading ‘LM Network’. Two-thirds of all her edits on the SpinProfile site are pages that are connected to the ‘LM Network’.

This week the other third of her time was taken up furiously spinning the Zac Goldsmith page that SpinWatch finally conceded was needed after demands from SpinWatchWatch.

Here’s a daily breakdown.

Monday 26th, start editing the Spinprofile page on Centre for the Defence of Free Enterprise, then on to the Spiked and LM pages till lunchtime; at two, back onto the LM network, and Andrew Ritcheson pages.

Tuesday 27th, 10.30, start editing the Revolutionary Communist Party page, the LM Network and various people associated with it for the next two hours, about fifty edits in all. At 5.30 that afternoon, Robinson starts again on the pages for the LM Network, the Academy of Ideas and Audacity for an hour.

Weds 28th, in the morning, Robinson turns her attention to the trading company Jardine Matheson, before returning to the Battle of Ideas page after lunch. At four Robinson spends an hour on the Centre for Research into Post Communist Economy pages.

Thursday 29th, Robinson does no editing that morning, but in the afternoon, she’s off again working solidly on the SpinProfile page for Zac Goldsmith from 3.30pm right through to 7.30 pm – 25 edits in all, about half of them tweaking the section on non-domicile status. Robinson takes time out only for a tweak on the Royal Society page (apparently the Royal Society has links to the LM Network!).

Friday 30th April, no editing all day (must have had some real work to do), so the minute Robinson gets away from the photocopier, she is back on the case, lovingly writing a new page on the Big Potatoes Innovation manifesto (seems that it too has links with the LM Network!); a couple more tweaks to Zac’s beautiful face, and one last stab at the Campaign Against Militarism, and its off to bed.

It’s a tough life at SpinProfiles!

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