Sleepless nights at SpinProfiles

‘S Ross’  spent the evening adding new pages for those he suspects of association with the sinister ‘LM Network’ till just before ten last night.

But at 3.30 this morning, ‘Ross’ was tapping at his keyboard again adding yet more pages, and is still doing it. The number of pages dedicated to the ‘LM Network’ has nearly doubled overnight, and is now standing at 82, after ‘Ross’ made more than 100 edits in the wee hours.

The whole performance has the character of some crazed Gotterdammerung, and really his friends should tell him to seek help.

Stop Press: S Ross has been editing for eighteen hours solid, now, from 03.24 to 21.37, pushing up the pages dedicated to the LM Network of his imagination to 139.

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