Normal for Norfolk

One of the key founders of SpinWatch is Jonathan Matthews, who was carried away with the campaign against Genetically Modification to start the Norfolk Genetic Information Network in 1998. Back then the fears that Genetically Modified Organisms – especially soya and other foodstuffs – would fuse with human DNA in the digestive tract was widespread. Briefly Britain and much of Europe were in the grip of a moral panic over the dangers of Genetic Modification.

Matthews, who never forgave his opponents for telling the truth, carries on railing against GM food despite its widespread adoptation, and the singular non-appearance of any of the supposed dangers. Matthews continues to believe that in fact Genetic Modification is putting the planet at risk, long after the scientists have put those fears to bed. Dumbfounded at the population’s inability to understand the evils of electrickery Genetic Modification, Matthews blames the sinister powers of lobbying and other mindcontrol techniques. No doubt he is still against fluoridisation of water, too, and fears that the air will all be forced to the back of the railway carriage, suffocating those in the front coaches.

Matthews has written for The Ecologist and Mae Wan Ho’s Institute of Science in Society. He runs the International Colleagues School of English in Norwich.

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