SpinWatch’s Humanitarian Imperialism

SpinWatch’s page on the journal that provokes them so much, Living Marxism, blurts “there was a clear ideological line running through the group’s antics over Rwanda and Bosnia” … which was “it was totally opposed to armed intervention”. You don’t say?

SpinWatch, of course, is very much in favour of armed intervention, having no idea that there might be something wrong with the West’s armies dictating to the rest of the world. In particular, SpinWatch has failed to notice that the critique of ‘Humanitarian Imperialism’ that was pioneered in the pages of Living Marxism has become a lot more popular on the left than it was in the 1990s.

To the SpinWatchers it seems outrageous that ‘in 1997 LM published “The picture that fooled the world”, an article by Thomas Deichmann’ that

‘argued that the journalists working for TV news broadcaster ITN had deliberately misrepresented an image that came to symbolise the horror of the Bosnian war, an image that was supposed to show emaciated moslem prisoners in a Serbian prison camp, Trnopolje’

But perhaps this is a case that SpinWatch ought to take up with its advisory board, in particular advisory board member Ed Herman.

In November of last year, Herman wrote the following in an ‘open letter’ defending Noam Chomsky

In other words, this fence enclosed the area where the British reporters had positioned themselves to interview and film the Bosnian Muslim men, and these men—Fikret Alic included—stood outside the area enclosed by the fence.

This is what Thomas Deichmann’s original debunking of “The picture that fooled the world” argued correctly —much to the chagrin of the British reporters, to ITN, and to the British establishment, which resorted to Britain’s onerous libel laws to punish LM magazine for publishing Deichmann’s work in 1997
Ed Herman and David Peterson, Vulliamy’s Smears, Counterpunch,

Noam Chomsky, another SpinWatch hero, it should be said, also defended Living Marxism’s article.

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