A keen interest in the Jews

Conspiracy theorists have long been preoccupied with the influence of Jews, as can be seen with this infamous forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

For reasons best known to themselves, SpinWatch’s watching brief leads all too often to the racial origins of those they disapprove of, especially if they are Jewish.

So, we read,

‘While [Steven] Emerson maintains close ties to the Israeli intelligence and Jewish organizations in the US, he has been curiously sensitive about revealing what religion he is…’

you mean, he has a chip on his shoulder? anyway the SpinWatchers go on to say

 (his associates told the Washington Post he is Jewish).’ – glad we sorted that question out!

But think of Rita Katz, who presses all the Jewish stereotype buttons…

‘one of four children of a wealthy Iraqi Jewish businessman …a family who had been one of the wealthiest in Iraq for  generations … lived in a huge mansion and went to a private school …servants who took care of all [her] needs … joined her mother’s business, manufacturing and selling clothes to Orthodox Jews’.

What is more, we read, ‘her father was arrested by the Iraqi authorities, accused of being an Israeli spy’ and ‘hanged’ – an experience you might have thought would have melted the cruellest heart, but not at SpinWatch, which goes on to gloat that the hanging drew ‘the cheers of a half a million spectators …’.

‘Most’ neoconservatives (not a group of people that SpinWatch likes) ‘originated in New York, and most were Jews’.

Still, warns SpinWatch, the influence of the Jews extends beyond neoconservatism, and Democratic House speaker Nancy ‘Pelosi has strong ties to a number of Jewish groups’

Jews even made it in the British Foreign Office, with the appointment of David Miliband.

‘Miliband is reported to have said that it was “a privilege to be amongst friends”’ [at the The United Jewish Israel  Appeal dinner, and] ‘divulged that he had hosted the Foreign Office’s first Chanukah party in December 2007.’

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