SpinWatch U-turn over Living Marxism allegations

“Some sections of this page have been suspended pending further research” – is what it says on the Living Marxism page at SpinWatch, now.

Following SpinWatch-Watch’s charge that SpinWatch had fallen for the imperialist spin of ‘humanitarian intervention’, Claire Robinson has deleted a large section of the page alleging that Living Marxism was engaged in ‘Rewriting history in favour of the murderers’ in Rwanda and Bosnia. The edited page is here, and the deleted section can be read here.

Slowly, and reluctantly, the SpinWatchers are dragged, blinking into the light, first over the Bosnian war and the fighting in Rwanda.

In the weeks and months to come we shall try to persuade them that Andrew Wakefield has indeed been struck off, that nobody yet has been mutated into an alien through eating GM food, the Jewish lobby does not control the planet, and Baroness Susan Greenfield is not a closet Trotskyist…

Postscript: since this posting, Spinwatchers removed Susan Greenfield from the category [LM Network]

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