SpinWatch infiltrated by anti-immigration campaigner

Simon Ross accepting the Population Institute award for best web-journalism at the OPT blog

 For the last month, much of SpinWatch has been written by the anti-immigration campaigner Simon Ross. Ross, a ‘management consultant’ who works for the Optimum Population Trust is known for his anti-immigration views.       

Ross is thrilled that the British National Party pushed mainstream parties into arguing for more immigration controls, on the grounds that ‘Britain is full’.   One unhappy OPT member worried that ‘our cause is pretty much hopeless. Not one of the major political parties even addresses the problems caused by over-population here in the UK …I think all OPT is achieving is preaching to the converted, and I am starting to question why I am even a member.’      

Simon Ross, though, said ‘let me put the positive case’:      

Immigration has become an issue in the election and both leading parties are arguing for lower immigration, which is a major change from a few years ago. The smaller parties are even more explicit with UKIP and BNP both arguing for drastic restrictions      


Eh, what? Did you just say that? The British National Party is arguing for drastic restrictions in immigration, the mainstream parties are going along with that, and that is what Simon Ross calls ‘the positive case’.       

Not content with demanding tougher immigration controls, Simon Ross also wants to see benefits to families cut: ‘Yes…It’s not just the child grant system, it’s access to scarce and cheap (subsidised) houses if you have children’.        

Ross has used SpinWatch to defend the Optimum Population Trust against those critics who point out that it is anti-immigrant, as  well as writing hundreds of pages witchhunting leftists who do not share his anti-immigration stand.       

Richard Seymour heard Ross give an ‘insultingly poor’ talk for the Optimum Population Trust last year: ‘Ross glibly asserting that more people equals more mouths and a greater carbon footprint’. Seymour concluded ‘When the system fails people, the bourgeoisie instinctively responds by blaming those people for being inadequate and supernumerary to the system’s requirements’. He also pointed out that ‘Some of its [the OPTs] leading members are also connected to the racist think-tank Migration Watch’ – and to SpinWatch. 

This is what SpinWatch contributor Simon Ross thinks about immigration:      

OPT notes the recent House of Lords committee report that immigration has brought no overall benefit to the UK. We welcome recent Government measures to restrict immigration. However, migration monitoring is weak. Additionally, there is no control over intra-EU migration, and no target for net migration has been set. OPT urges the Government to improve monitoring, work with other EU Governments to further limit immigration to the EU, and set a target of zero net migration for the UK. (Eco-Towns: Living a Greener Future? Submission by the Optimum Population Trust in response to the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation by Andrew Gill, Simon Ross and Richard Wilson, June 2008)       


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