Why no page on the Isvara Foundation?

SpinWatch dedicates itself to uncovering corporate influence hiding behind Public Relations.

So why no SpinWatch page on the Isvara Foundation?

The Isvara Foundation was set up by Ayman Jallad, head of the Jallad Group – representative of the US tractor companies Caterpillar and Hyster in Lebanon, Jordan and throughout the middle east. The Jallad Group has been making millions industrialising agri-business since 1873. Now Ayman Jallad is GreenWashing his business by buying influence among green lobby groups in Europe.

In the three years since the Isvara Foundation was set up in Zurich it has made payments of €72,574 to Friends of the Earth Europe (2008), €99,965 to Corporate Observatory Europe (2007). For Friends of the Earth International the Isvara Foundation ‘quadrupled their contribution’ in 2008 to €407,488. Ayman Jallad’s buy out of the corporation watching business began in 2004 when he gave more than $25,000 to Corporate Watch.

Despite the Isvara Foundation’s interest in corporate transparency, its own fund is entirely opaque. The fund is run by UBS in Zurich, and publishes no accounts or reports. ‘Unsolicited grants are not welcomed’ according to the Foundation’s skeletal website.

Surely, this is a case for investigation by SpinWatch?

Big agri-business corporation buying up influence among Europe’s environmentalists? Secret funds? Industrial farm equipment concern masquerading as green? US trading agent in Lebanon lobbying Europe under false colours? 

Oh, but then SpinWatch is one of the ‘corporate watch’ groups getting money from Ayman Jallad’s millions.

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