FROM THE SPINWATCH DELETION LOG – things they thought better of

Cartoon by Simon Pearsall (

There have been a few deletions from SpinWatch along the way. Sometimes they are just funny:

On 6 May 2009 Claire Robinson deleted a page called “Image talk: Well he looks like a fucking wierdo.jpg” ‎ What it said was: ‘If spinProfiles is going to go public at some point, then I really wonder if this type of title is “constructive” or if it opens up Spin* to some serious problems.’

And sometimes what they thought about doing and then thought better of is itself revealing. Here you can catch the SpinWatchers covering the tracks of their own conspiratorial thinking:

On 2 May 2009 Claire Robinson deleted the internal ‘talk page’ where SpinWatchers were trying to make a case against Margaret McDonagh. The content was: ‘still can’t link McD with bailey as i see it her and her sister turning up at the event is suspicious (the sister was reid’s pps when he was defense min.) and the eligo shindig was centred around the Al Yamamah deal’.

Often the deletions are made because the SpinWatchers look at their work and realise that it is just too revealing of their own psychological hang-ups.

On 16 March 2009, for example David Miller thought better of including the page “Category:Far Left Groupuscles” ‎ and deleted it.  The content was: ‘This is a listing of Far-left groups’ etc. etc.

Yes, we bet it was. But it was much more than that, too: it was a list of David Miller’s sectarian battles of the 1980s, and all the people that he fell out with. The only problem was that it was not posed in the artificially constructed objectivity that he usually deploys to pass of his sectarianism as balanced comment.

On 9 March 2009 David Miller covered his tracks by deleting an internal talk section attached to the page on Martin Bright. What it said was:

‘A discussion is necessary about people who posture as “leftists”, but are in reality neocons. Defining features: anti-muslim racism, quick with anti-semitism smear, often wag finger at “left”, consort with similar ilk (e.g., Aaronovitch…’)’

That is a pretty good account of what it looks like inside Miller’s head. He thinks that anti-Semitism is a ‘smear’ – though this is after all the man who tells us ‘most neocons are Jews’. Miller sees his job as cleansing the ranks of ‘neocons’ who posture as leftists. But that is just a bit too blunt a statement of purpose, so best remove it.

In November 2008 Claire Robinson deleted a number of pages that she thought were redundant. These were the pages

  • “SpinProfiles:Bias” ‎ (redundant page)
  • “SpinProfiles:No Personal Attacks” ‎ (redundant page)
  • “SpinProfiles:Civility” ‎ (redundant page)
  • “SpinProfiles:Assume Good Faith” ‎ (redundant page)
  • “Complain about Inaccuracies” ‎ (redundant page)

Which about sums it all up, really. Any restraints on bias, or personal attacks, any appeal to civility or assumption of good faith is definitely redundant in the petty personal world of SpinProfiles. On the contrary, bias, personal attacks, incivility and the worst possible spin on others views is what they thrive on. As for complaining about inaccuracies – forget about it.

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