Spinwashing the Optimum Population Trust

One group that has embraced the OPT message with gusto

Since it was first published last year, SpinWatch’s page on the Optimum Population Trust has been tweaked and amended ninety times. Pointedly, the changes are mostly sanitising the Trust, by removing the more critical comments that were originally posted.

These are some of the deletions:

Back in December the original, lively and information-packed post put up by SpinWatch contributor Miriam Rose said:

A number of upper class environmentalists (much of the demographic of the OPT) have been associated with anti-immigration policies which have been criticised as ‘protectionist’ or even ‘eco-fascist’ and potentially related to the territorial nature of their landowning roots.

Citing as an authority Donald Gibson Environmentalism: Ideology and Power, Nova publishers (2002). But this has been removed.

The December version, also put up by Miriam Rose, repeated the arguments in the May 2009  Sunday Times article ‘Billionaire club in bid to curb population’

that business leaders and mega-wealthy individuals were jumping on the population reduction train, identifying the growing population as the number one social and environmental issue (and one which they argue is mostly the fault of the developing nations).

But again, these criticisms proved to be too persuasive, so they were removed by SpinWatch manager Claire Robinson. 

Miriam Rose’s earlier version had this clearly stated objection to the OPT:

I have a problem with the line that people are a problem. More people are a good thing. People are the source of creativity, intelligence, analysis and problem-solving. If we see people as just simple things that consume and excrete carbon, then the OPT may have a point, but people are more than this and they will be the ones to find the solutions. (The original quote is from the Times, here)

But this is one critic of the Optimum Population Trust in particular that Claire Robinson had to edit out of history at any cost, namely Austin Williams – traduced elsewhere for the thought-crime of being  ‘associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network’.

So why is SpinWatch whitewashing the Optimum Population Trust?

The short answer is that SpinWatch supports the Optimum Population Trust. At first, we, here at SpinWatch-Watch assumed that the appearance of OPT communications manager Simon Ross on the SpinWatch roster must have been some kind of recent infiltration. Surely, we reasoned, SpinWatch could not knowingly play host to a bluntly anti-immigrant campaign.

We were wrong. SpinWatch’s manager Claire Robinson is herself a supporter of the anti-migration Optimum Population Trust – and has asked Ross in to help her out making the site more robustly deep green and reactionary.

P.S. in case you missed it, Simon Ross tried his hand at media analysis late last night, with a mad statistical breakdown of Spiked’s coverage of the conflict in the Middle East, with the subtext that they are beholden to the ‘Jewish lobby’. But after a fitful sleep, he thought better of it, and deleted it at 06.13 this morning, perhaps guessing that it was a bit too revealing of his own preoccupation with the malevolent influence of foreigners.

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