It’s all one big conspiracy… II

The SpinWatchers are always one for a conspiracy theory, and like most conspiracy theorists they fall for the ‘Bilderberg Group runs the world’ myth.

According to SpinWatch (we’re not making this up) the Bilderberg Group is a ‘Zionist plot’ but at the same time has ‘innumerable shady, still unexplained connections’ with the Nazis’; it is ‘a megalomaniac secret cult’ but also an ‘extremely influential lobby group of power-brokers’

Losing perspective the SpinWatchers say:

Serbs, not without some reason, blamed Bilderberg for the 1999 Balkan war and the fall of Slobodan Milosevic: after all, the US needed to control vital, Balkan pipeline routes. Bilderberg 2002 – although not without controversy – is thought to have cemented the invasion and conquest of Iraq. In his seminal A Century of War: Anglo-American oil politics and the New World War, F William Engdahl details what happened at Bilderberg 1973 in Sweden. An American outlined a scenario for an imminent 400% hike in the oil prices of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Bilderberg did not prevent the oil shock; instead it planned how to manage with mega-profits – what Kissinger described as “recycling the petrodollar flows”. Everyone that mattered was present at this Bilderberg: oil majors and major banks

What is more Bilderberg  is responsible for the idea of a European Union, and has described its ultimate goal as ‘a one-world government’.

The sole source for all this nuttiness is a journalist, Pepe Escobar, who, though Brazilian, writes almost entirely in the Asia Times, apart from the books he  self-publishes at Nimble.

Who wrote the SpinWatch page? Most of the entries appear to be Strathclyde University Professor David Miller’s.

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One Response to It’s all one big conspiracy… II

  1. Fellow watcher says:

    Engdahl’s book is Lyndon Larouche’s nuttiness watered down enough to make it just about readable. Not exactly pro-Nazi, but paints the British as the villians and Germans as victims of the 20th century. I think Larouche’s original version has also been a bit more explicit in it’s anti-semitism.

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