The ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ theory of history, revisited

Yes, he's Jewish, but so what?

Under the delusion that ‘Labour originally carried a reputation for having more voices sympathetic to the Palestinians’ (the Labour Party has been pro-Israel throughout its existence) SpinWatch fulminates against the influence of the Labour Friends of Israel. The SpinWatchers method of following the money takes a particularly sinister turn, though, as they list the prominent Jews who have supported the Labour Party

In 1997, prominent members of LFI contributed generously to the coffers of Labour, including Lord Sainsbury, who donated £1 million – the biggest single donation ever –  Michael Levy, who raised 7 million pounds, Sir Trevor Chinn, who was reported to have donated a six figure sum, and Emmanuel Kaye, who donated a sizable sum to Blair’s blind trust. According to one party official, by 2001, Levy had raised up to 15 million pounds for the party. David Goldman – the Chairman of an Israeli telecommunications equipment company BATM Advanced Communications – is also reported to have made several 5-figure donations.The amount of influence such money could buy in today’s politics cannot be discounted, and from Britain’s unconditional support for Israel’s brutal policies, it seems like the government is keen to deliver.

There are many things to object to about this Jew-listing. It summons up a false picture of wealthy Jews, and their apparently sinister influence behind the scenes – after all, many people contributed to Labour, of all different faiths and races. Cherry-picking the Jewish contributors creates a false impression.

But much more important is the crazed conclusion that the British government’s policy in the Middle East was written to meet Jewish demands. This is to put the cart before the horse. Britain’s belligerent policy towards the Middle East arises out of its position as an Imperial power, with extensive interests across the globe.

In the topsy-turvy world of SpinWatch, the Jewish supporters of the Labour Friends of Israel are in their words, the ‘obstacles to peace’. They blame Jewish money for stopping Britain from making peace in the Middle East: ‘Given the hard line position of its donors, LFI has grown increasingly tendentious in its approach towards any resolution of the Middle East conflict’.

In all seriousness, what planet is SpinWatch spinning on? Do they really think that the British State is just desperate to promote democracy all over the world, but for the wicked influence of Jewish financiers? That is what they are saying. But then, considering that they think Labour was a pro-Palestinian party until the LFI corrupted them, you can see how they might get confused.

Elsewhere, the loons at SpinWatch ‘uncover’ this shocking secret: ‘that an apparently London based organisation offering expertise on Iran to journalists and politicians is a covert propaganda operation run by a pro-Israel organisation in the United States’.

Well, hang on a minute, there – what is is that you are saying, exactly? You might not agree with what it is that they have to say, but surely it is a matter of no moment that people in London and Washington work together (after all, SpinWatch gets funds from Lebanese-based Jallad Group, without owning up to it). The ‘dog-whistle’ that is being blown here is not so hard to discern: SpinWatch means that these are foreigners, interfering in our Blessed Plot, because, apparently ‘Both Réalité-EU and The Israel Project also appear to be connected to a Jewish organisation’. The last time we checked, being Jewish is not illegal, so what’s your point, exactly? If you mean that you disagree with what Réalité-EU have to say, why not state your argument – instead of making an issue out of their racial origins?

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