Conspiracy? You don’t know the half of it…

In their book A Century of Spin William Dinan and David Miller of SpinWatch warn of the ‘insidious’ and ‘mysterious’ power of the PR worlds. Under the heading ‘The Real Rulers of the World’ they list the powers behind the scenes:

  • Bohemian Grove – ‘a social club for members of the ruling class’
  • The Montpelerin Society its influence has ‘been extremely significant’
  • ‘Rancheros Vistadores’ – don’t ask…
  • The Bilderberg Group ‘one of the most secret elite policy planning assemblies’

The unknown ruler of the world, Peter Sutherland

And in an even greater scoop, Dinan and Miller name the secret ruler of the world ‘truly one of the global elite’ and the most connected of all … Peter Sutherland!

Who? You know, the former Irish attorney general. Apparently his power base comes from his Chairmanship of Goldman Sachs International, and BP

The SpinWatchers do caution against irresponsible speculation, though:

wild and and sometimes conspiratorial stories about these organisations and their links abound, particularly on the internet. This or that groups is the essential element of the ‘Zionist World Government’ or the ‘Knights Templar’ or the World Jewish Conspiracy [see their page on SpinWatch here].

According to the SpinWatchers ‘such stories’ are a problem because ‘they cut short proper analysis of power structures and how they operate’:

There is no single conspiracy running the world. On the contrary, the people who do run the world are engaged in many harmful activities against democracy… (A Century of Spin, 81-2)

In other words, you don’t know the half of it – there is not one conspiracy running the world, there are hundreds.

Still, one question lingers over SpinWatch’s account.

According to documents newly released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act a secret ‘private sector donors’ meeting was held on 21 March 1983 to discuss undermining the left in Europe. Present were U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Rupert Murdoch, George Gallup, U.S. Information Agency’s Charles Wick and Sir James Maxwell Goldsmith.

Twenty years later, the James Maxwell Goldsmith foundation gave grants to SpinWatch, to its co-founder Andy Rowell, and Goldsmith’s son Zac worked with key SpinWatch staffers Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews. Was this part of a twenty year conspiracy to disorient the left, and redirect it into pointless campaigns against the MMR vaccine and water fluoridisation?

SpinWatch demands to be told.

And to this day SpinWatch editor David Miller has refused to deny that he was in the room on that day, a youthful intern, alongside his mentor Professor Greg Philo.

Remember, the truth is out there, somewhere.

Ronald Reagan entertaining guests including Charles Wick - was a youthful David Miller in the room?

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