SpinWatch Called to Account

Strathclyde University Professor David Miller’s paranoid website has been challenged following the row with Alexander Melagrou Hitchens, who writes on the Guardian website:

SpinProfiles and Neocon Europe are projects that, under the guise of academia, are used to carry out campaigns of smear and harassment by creating selectively produced profiles of people and groups with different political outlooks, often ignoring facts that do not support their agenda.

Meanwhile Shiraz Maher writes on Standpoint:

The problem is with SpinProfile’s apparent obsession with “Jewish power” or, if you will, “the Jewish lobby”.

Maher goes on to ask the pertinent question, how is it that some people are subject to unattractive accounts of their lives, while others, with much more influence, are ignored. The answer, as Maher makes clear, is that those who SpinWatch disapproves of, either for their role in the ‘Jewish lobby’ or other crimes, are singled out.

SpinWatch’s editor has critics on the further left, too, like Dr Mark Harvey of the Socialist Workers’ Party, who dismisses him as

a maverick conspiracy theorist at the University of Strathclyde called David Miller, whom nobody on the left takes seriously.

Sadly, it is a judgement on SpinWatch that is all too familiar, as Peter MacMahon wrote in the Edinburgh Evening News, back when the website was first launched

Instead of providing objective analysis of what has become known as “spin”, the site consists mainly of anti-establishment polemics based on largely unsubstantiated assertions which read like they have been written by student union bar Marxists. … And the author of this conspiracy theory nonsense is a professor of sociology at Strathclyde University.

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