More Jew-watching at SpinWatch

Strathclyde University Professor David Miller’s SpinWatch site shows a keen interest in people’s racial origins – when those origins are Jewish

after an East End Jewish childhood

born as Jan Ludvik Hoch into a an orthodox Jewish family

pretending to be a French Catholic, while in fact being Egyptian Jewish

Kagan came from a family of Jewish woollen manufacturers in Kaunas

Dershowitz (born 1 September 1938) is an Jewish-American lawyer

Aaron Weisburd is a Jewish American

Born into a Jewish family in New York City

British historian of Iraqi Jewish background

a leading Jewish figure in Britain

a prominent Mexican-Jewish journalist

born into a liberal Jewish family

born in 1987 as Jacob Liebstein into an Orthodox Jewish family in the village of Molchad

a German-born Jewish American political philosopher

disciple of the German-Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss

born into a Jewish family

the third son of poor Romanian Jewish parents who had emigrated to the United Kingdom

Richard Krygier, a Polish-Jewish refugee

he isn’t Jewish

son of ‘Boy’ Hart, the Jewish founder of Henry Ansbacher, the bankers. He was regarded as an outsider who would like to be an insider

an Israeli-American media-mogul

Drawing mightily upon the memory of her own Jewish family

raised in a Conservative Jewish home

the first Jewish candidate for the office of either President or Vice-President of the United States

Born in Boston, Massachusetts into a Russian Jewish family

A Jewish intellectual

born on 26 May 1921 in Breslau, Germany (modern Wrocław, Poland) to a Jewish family

Both his parents were were Russian Jewish immigrants

Walter Lippmann, the son of second-generation German-Jewish parents

Charles B. Wyzanski, Jr. (Exeter, Harvard), is a Jewish member of the upper class. Judge Wyzanski is married to another member of the Jewish aristocracy, Gisela Warburg

Attended the 2004 Yom Haatzmaut as a ‘dignitary’ along with ‘a veritable Who’s Who of British Jewry.

the son of a salesman and Jewish mother

His father was a synagogue attendant and his grandfather was a rabbi

Both his parents are Jewish immigrants

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