Absence of evidence of harm is not evidence of absence of harm … but it is not evidence of harm, either

Tying herself in knots Claire Robinson objects to the statement that there is no evidence of harm from GM foods. False she says, because ‘Absence of evidence of harm is not evidence of absence of harm’  … which is true, but it is also true that absence of evidence of harm is not evidence of harm, either.

Absence of evidence of flying saucers is not evidence of absence of flying saucers, but nor is it evidence of flying saucers, come to that.

Struggling to come up with a single instance of verifiable harm to people from the decades of GM food consumption, Robinson cites the Tryptophan poisoning in Japan. This was a case where a drug company poisoned scores of people with Tryptophan that was genetically engineered. But as has been well-established since, the Tryptophan’s being poisonous was not linked to genetic engineering, but other processes in its fermentation.

Surprising, really, that someone who has dedicated so much of her life to demonstrating the dangers of GM food still cannot find one single instance of harm.

GM Watch's scary starving African icon promises much...

... but delivers little

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