GM Watch deny links to Andy Rowell

GM Watch and SpinProfiles editor Claire Robinson, while smearing the scientist Jonathan Jones claims ‘journalist Andy Rowell is not and has never been a “GM Watcher” ‘. In fact Rowell is the Director of Public Interest Investigations, the company that owns SpinWatch and SpinProfiles. ‘The GM Watch portal’ is hosted on the same website. In the account ‘ten years of GM Watch’ its founder Jonathan Matthews says that in 2000 ‘we teamed up with the investigative journalist Andy Rowell’.

In the acknowledgements to his preseciently-titled book Don’t Worry it’s Safe to Eat Andy Rowell says ‘some people have offered assistance and help beyond what might be deemed reasonably acceptable’, namely Jonathan Matthews of GM Watch (then called Norfolk Genetic Information Network) who ‘provided invaluable advice and information’ (most of which turned out to be wrong, but that’s another story).

In what sense could one say that Andy Rowell ‘is not and never has been a GM Watcher’?

Andy Rowell speaking to activists at the offices in South Brent, where the company that owns Spinwatch is registered

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